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My family calls me a bookworm. I always have my kindle or a book with me. I enjoy

reading all types of books some more then others. I enjoy listening to music and cooking. I love tattoos I have quite a few and I enjoy reading a bout a bad boy with them lol.

I have a Home base bookclub group of ladies who no longer beleive in social media or in useing computer unless they are at work or school. We meet once or twice a week. Someone will draw 1 or 2 papers out of the box and those will be the books that will be read and discussed and whatever eals we read during the week.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glass Houses {The Morganville Vampires~book one} by Rachel Caine

Ok I finished Glass Houses {The Morganville Vampires~book one} by Rachel Caine.It has a good story line.Claire the brainach geek girl,Eve the goth girl,Michael the ghost and then Shane the bodygaurd big brother type.Claire the 16 yr old genuis from out of town.She got accepted to quite afew collages and her parents thought she was to younge to leave state but they let her goto TPU not to far from home.They wanted her to wait till she was 18 befor going off to thhe bigs schools.The she started having problems with one of the popular girl which tried to kill her.The day she tried to kill Claire at the dorms.Claire decided it wouldnt be safe for her there anymore and thats when she found the add for a room to rent at the Glass House. Claire slowly started to relize that Morganville was nothing she thought it was the town Runned by Vampires.

Ok Starting to read THE DEAD GIRLS' DANCE {The Morganville Vampires~book two} by Rachel Caine

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