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My family calls me a bookworm. I always have my kindle or a book with me. I enjoy

reading all types of books some more then others. I enjoy listening to music and cooking. I love tattoos I have quite a few and I enjoy reading a bout a bad boy with them lol.

I have a Home base bookclub group of ladies who no longer beleive in social media or in useing computer unless they are at work or school. We meet once or twice a week. Someone will draw 1 or 2 papers out of the box and those will be the books that will be read and discussed and whatever eals we read during the week.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Revenge:A Bad Boy Romance By JESSICA ASHE


I received this book as an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.
Chloe the undercover FBI agent just out of training trying to help put him and his dad behind bars. She gets a job as Denton's PA to get him to trust her so she can get evidence to put them in jail. As she gets to know Denton she doesn't believe he's as bad as the agency has makes him out to be. Denton put Chloe trust to a test he takes her to collect debts. Chloe knows that Denton's friend Kara was murdered but then finds out that he wants to kill the person responsible eye for and eye. Chloe knows he's not a murderer and  can be a better man.Denton and Chloe become close and she feels the need to protect him.What about Chloe's job?(Read to Find Out)


Monday, December 14, 2015


I received this book as an ARC and I loved it
Jack is a bad boy you will hate to love.
Bad boy quarterback Jack Carson is young,dumb,full of cum and trouble seem to find him.Jack is all about winning.Leah is assigned as Jack's publicist.Call to a meeting to about Jack's latest incident and the league wants to make a example out of Jack.To keep from getting in trouble with the league and the commission. Jack tells everyone he has been in a secret committed relationship for a few months.Everyone wants to know know who and he tells them Leah.Everyone is shocked.Leah is ready to kill him but goes along with it for the meeting.Jack is her PR firms biggest client they can not lose him. Leah just didn't expect to be one of Jack's scandals.After the meeting is over Leah makes a beeline to the Ironfield Rivets field where Jack is and walks right back to were he is.Jack tells Leah i have a kiss to see if there is any chemistry to see if this will work.Leah tells Jack that he can't go out parting with other women and he had to stay out of trouble.The more Jack and Leah get deeper into this fake relationship they find that they are more compatible for each other.There fake relationship starts to get stronger.Leah is a planner or she was until she became part of Jack Carson's world.Jack thinks a baby will help his image.Leah wasn't for the baby ideal at first,and Jack reminds her that she had planned to already be pregnate. So there even hot sex begins.
This book has lot of Hot steamy sex. You  want go wrong with this book


Friday, December 11, 2015

Pulse: A Stepbrother Romance

First I was given this book as a ARC for a HONEST review.LOVED IT 

UHG,and that (UGH) not in a bad way I just want to give this book the justice think it deserves in my opinion.
Oh how i didnt want to put this book down.This is not like all the other stepbrother romances out there.
The characters are well developed,and the sex scenes are hot.The sexual tension is so tight between these two you could 
cut it with a knife.I liked that 
Pulse,start with a bang and .Leah and Chris first lock eyes outside on the street the night Chris watch as his friend lie dying and Leah catches her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend.The following night Leah goes out with her friend Tyra looking for rebound sex or just a one night stand and Chris is just that man. Leah and Chris live in the city .They meet again unexpectanly at there parents up comming wedding in the county.That's when Leah told Chris he was to dangerous and she could see him.
Leah 's dad Jerry offers Chris a job because he gave up alot when his father died to help his mom take care of his family.Chris turns him down because he doesnt want to leave the city because Chris is trying to get his mark in the music industry started .Chris works in a warehouse .Chris's friends are kinda a gang they also work at the warehouse and they are some shadey characters .
Leah is a third year performing arts student at NYU. Leah wants to pressue a acting career.Leah and Chris run itno each other at starbucks and start to chat and get to know each other.Chris tell Leah his passion for creating music and that she heard it at his place and she was in aww about it she told him she would love to have it for her playlist she enjoyed she never heard nothing like it befor.
Leah invites Chris to a party her friend are thrownig for her. Chris goes to the party (pisses off his gang because he is a no show when he is suppose to be with them).Chris meets some of Leah's friends.Leah gets the lead in the play.Leah and Chris start spending a lot of time together.He helps her run her line for the play.
Leah and her friends help Chris with his music.Chris decides his job at the warehouse and hanging with the gang is not the right life he needs ,so he quites his job and stops hanging with the gang.
Leah gets Chris a job playing his music a party for a lot of people and one thing leads to another and talks about good night. Leah and Chris relationship starts there.
Chris and Leah get attacked by the gang one night.Leah tells Chris she can nolonger see him..Things start to go down hill once Leah stop talking to him after the attack so did everyone eals.So Chris had no choice but to call his mother Mary and tells her about him and Leah. Tells his mom he quite his job and stoped hanging aroud with the gang and was wanting to know if Jerry still had that job to offer him...
Leah gets she has always dreamed of but never thought would come so soon. Leah goes to see Chris there was someone the party Chris play his music at that has been trying to get a hold of him. Leah wanted to give him the info in person because she was happy for him ,and also wanted to tell him her news to. 
There is so much to this book i enjoyed I cant wait to read more books by D.G.Whiskey

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glass Houses {The Morganville Vampires~book one} by Rachel Caine

Ok I finished Glass Houses {The Morganville Vampires~book one} by Rachel Caine.It has a good story line.Claire the brainach geek girl,Eve the goth girl,Michael the ghost and then Shane the bodygaurd big brother type.Claire the 16 yr old genuis from out of town.She got accepted to quite afew collages and her parents thought she was to younge to leave state but they let her goto TPU not to far from home.They wanted her to wait till she was 18 befor going off to thhe bigs schools.The she started having problems with one of the popular girl which tried to kill her.The day she tried to kill Claire at the dorms.Claire decided it wouldnt be safe for her there anymore and thats when she found the add for a room to rent at the Glass House. Claire slowly started to relize that Morganville was nothing she thought it was the town Runned by Vampires.

Ok Starting to read THE DEAD GIRLS' DANCE {The Morganville Vampires~book two} by Rachel Caine

Friday, November 6, 2009

High School Bites

Ok I finished High School Bites last night. Lucy Hellenberg, descendent of the Lucy who once captivated Bram Stoker, author of the original Dracula. Lucy is doing her best to survive being a sophomore in high school, complete with a reclusive father, prying teachers, an almost boyfriend and bad hair days in Seattle. Then, on her 16th birthday, she inherits a diary that has been passed ... More down through the women in her family and learns that her English assignment is not just homework—it's her life. As she and her best friend Mina are stalked through restaurants and malls by the living descendents of Dracula himself, she learns some grown-up lessons about self reliance, the importance of true friends and family and that being a girl doesn't mean she's a sissy. This volume contains little in the way of gore, focusing instead on the power of the mind, garlic cologne and holy water baths. A hip and fun read that emphasizes solid values, with just a touch of feminism.Lucy finally finds a guy who understand everthing she is going through.This was a great book it was really worth reading.