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My family calls me a bookworm. I always have my kindle or a book with me. I enjoy

reading all types of books some more then others. I enjoy listening to music and cooking. I love tattoos I have quite a few and I enjoy reading a bout a bad boy with them lol.

I have a Home base bookclub group of ladies who no longer beleive in social media or in useing computer unless they are at work or school. We meet once or twice a week. Someone will draw 1 or 2 papers out of the box and those will be the books that will be read and discussed and whatever eals we read during the week.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Silver & Chrome By Aubrey St. Clair

I am providing a honest and unbiased review based on a free copy that was provided to me in exchange to me for a honest review.
I couldn't put this book down.I loved the characters and the story line.This isn't your same old MC book its better.It has a twist most
don't have.
Evelyn Sliver is working for her boyfriend and CEO Edward. Evelyn finds Edward cheating leaves him and quite's her job.Evelyn goes out to MC bar with her friend Jackie.Evelyn meets Bash a.k.a.Sebastian Redding  she brushes him off at first because of his foul mouth and attitude.Edward shows up he demands she comes back to him and to work.Bash throw Edward out because he didn't like the way he was treating the young woman that had the never to turn him down the first time.After Bash tossed Edward he gives Evelyn a tour of the bar and club and one night stand to remember.Evelyn gets a job interview  for a PA at Piston interview with  HR Sebastian Redding. Bash/Sebastian just had to interview the women to see why Edward was bad mouthing her so bad,Bash/Sebastian couldn't belelive it was the woman that has been on his mind.Bash/Sebastian want to hire her.There is trouble with the with some of the Chrome Solider MC members.There is so much more to this book i don't want to spoil it It is a must READ

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